Do you know how long it takes you to prepare your piece? What part of the process is taking too long? Are you earning back the time you are investing?

I started using Toggl when I wanted to answer the questions above.

Toggl is a time tracking app you can access through the computer or on mobile.

I use Toggl to track the time I spend on different stages of in-progress artwork.

There’s value in reviewing how long you spend either researching, prepping, sketching, painting, etc.

One, I know how long it takes me to finish a project which is invaluable when quoting commissions.

Two, I can see which stage takes me the longest to investigate ways to shorten a particular process.

Three, I’m more focused and in “work mode” when the timer is running.

How I Use Toggl

In Toggl, I create a client assigning them the project.

Project management section in Toggl

Both are nicknamed either under the client’s name or a unique reference code that is later include in an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

When I start working on a project, I fill out the timer log with the project details.

Starting a new Toggl project on mobile.

If using mobile and I’m continuing on a step from earlier, I swipe left for that particular step to start the timer continuing with the previously entered information in a new entry.

Toggl mobile view to continue a project.

Once the project is complete, I note the overall time on a paper worksheet I keep as a backup with all vital details.

Then, I archive the project in Toggl.

If you forget to end the timer, Toggl will send you an email update that it’s been X hours.

Tie It All Together

To get the most out of Toggl, you can download the browser extension to start the timer anywhere.

You can even integrate it with Trello to start the timer for any project assigned cards.

trello card and toggl integration

Never used Trello? Check out my article on How I use Trello for Project Management.

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Watercolor self portrait of Fallon
Hello, my name is Fallon and I have been creating Art for about 20 years along with a BS in Biology and Art. I started with pen and ink illustrations, then dived into graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and finally, wood burning. I love learning new mediums but will always have a soft spot for watercolor. Always challenging you, it fulfills my need to discover why something behaves the way it does.

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